Thursday, December 27, 2007

UPDATE: A First Time for Everything

Dad and Dan went back out this morning to continue track the deer this morning. They were afraid last night that tracking would be difficult because of the new snow this morning but it didn't start snowing until after the left... which was perfect. They got back out to the woods, found where the deer had laid down, and found where SOMEONE ELSE had drug it away! The jerk!! Dad and Dan went to the closest house and spoke with the woman who lived there. They found out that her son got the deer. At least someone did, but after all that work yesterday its kinda anti-climatic that we never got it.


Anonymous said...

What a saga!! Sorry it ended up with no venison for you folks! Grandpa and I both chuckled as we read the ordeal yesterday. Never a dull moment!
Love, Grandma E

Jerry said...

LOL... If one of the guys had told the story, it probably wouldn't have been near as exciting.

"Well, we shot a deer, but we couldn't find it that day. We went out this morning and someone had already found it. Oh well, maybe we'll get one next time." - shortened even further due to the lack of expletives

Very well told.