Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rare Blood

On Sunday I went with Kelly from my small group, her co-worker Mike and his friend to NPCC's Christmas's celebration for singles called Not So Silent Night. There was a silent auction and it was headlined by a group called Shane & Shane and they were amazing!! It was a lot of fun and the music was great!!

Last night I met up with Kelly again and Tiffany at Ru San's for dinner. IT was our off week for Community Group but we still wanted to get together since everyone has been so busy lately. It was so much fun chatting with them!!

In all of my errand running today I stopped at the Atlanta Red Cross to donate blood. While speaking to the extraction nurse (at one point I called her a doctor and she informed me I was incorrect) I found out that I have very rare blood. Not that A positive blood is all that rare its that my blood doesn't have a virus in it that almost all adults have. Not that the virus affect adults, but that means the blood can not be used in pre-mature babies. Since my blood doesn't contain that virus it can be used for pre-mature babies. I thought that was quite interesting.

Another stop on my day was to Ru San's with my Buckhead Church team. We had our Christmas lunch there and it was great!! It was fun to see everyone one and to be able to chat while eating sushi!


Jason Poll said...

Hey, cool, so, if you ever find yourself a quart low, I've got you covered -- I also have A-positive! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun couple of days!! Dad & Dan are A+ too!!

Love, Dad & Mom