Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Tree!!!

This rocks!! So, the year I thought I wouldn't put up a tree I have had the opportunity to decorate three!! God rules!

This one was put up at Buckhead Church. Jerry got everything and he let me assist in putting the bulbs on the tree.

If you stand by the tree you would understand why we called the tree the 'King of the Trailer Park"... the bulbs are HUGE. But, in the picture they look pretty good. The rumor in the hallways are that there are pre-schoolers making decorations for are tree as I type. That would ROCK!!


Jerry said...

You did much more than assist, that tree is as much you as it is me. I don't know anyone else that would have gotten on the floor and switched every other bulb in 6 strands of lights like you did. I do believe this has the potential to be the greatest tree I've ever put together.

All Hail King of the Trailer Park!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tree! Nice "Me" picture & Glasses!! We're enjoying your tree!!

Love, Dad & Mom