Saturday, November 10, 2007


I just got back from vacation... it was great. It was COLD, but GREAT!! I took Kendol up with me to visit my family and for us (mostly Kendol) it was a week of firsts:

- it was the first time someone came up to Michigan with me from ATL
- it was our first experience watching Jeff Dunham
- it was his first time in Michigan - north of Detroit
- it was his first time shooting a bow
- it was his first time bow hunting
- it was his first time tracking a deer
- it was his first taste of 'Tiger Meat' - and no, its probably not what you think
- it was his first time understanding country music
- I am sure there are more, I just forgot them

We spent the weekend with my Mom's side of the family - it was our Christmas!! My grandparents always go to Florida in the winter so we get everyone together before they head south. Its always a ton of fun! We played a ton of euchre and schafkopf. We ate more food than anyone should (I swear I gained 10 pounds)!

Then Kendol and I crossed the state to visit with my cousin Marie and to see my Grandma and any other relative that we could manage to see. We stayed at "Adam's house" so we saw him a few times. On Sunday Adam, Marie, Kendol and I went to church at Mars Hill, we drove by my family's old house in Jenison, and then headed out to a few bars for drinks. On Monday Marie, Kendol and I stopped by Grandma's house and saw her and Uncle Ed. Uncle Ed then showed us where Grandpa is now buried. Then at night we saw Uncle Rogor and Kelly. Kelly just had her house decorated by a designer for Christmas... and it was beautiful!!

We left Grand Rapids Tuesday morning and hung out with my parents for a few days before heading back to the ATL. I was able to decorate both trees (my Christmas tree and my parents version of a Christmas tree). I have a few pictures that I need to upload yet... once I do I will add them to the blog. And, we watched the CMA awards on Wednesday.

My favorite quote from the week came from Kendol when he was trying to explain to his Mom how country Michigan really is. I only got part of the conversation but anything she named he said "no, more country than that." And to explain it to her he said "no, its like Kansas." When he got off the phone I asked if he had ever been to Kansas and he said, "no, but I have to imagine this is what it looks like."

As always, the time flew by! I am excited to go back again in December for Christmas part deux!!

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jeff henderson said...

Kristie, thanks for your comment about Buckhead Church. I am so glad you are a part of our church.