Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My walk home from Buckhead Church

I thought you might enjoy a walk with me. So, I brought my camera into work today and took pictures on my walk home! I get a lot of comments when people find out that I actually walk to work. I thought, why not show everyone "why?" Because, every time I walk I always think, "why not???" I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as I do!

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Jason Poll said...

Hey Kristie!

How many miles is your commute?

Walking to work is great, it's good for you, you're "being green" (which is becoming quite fashionable,) and as your pictures attest, you get a decent show on your walk as well! And geeze, look at all the traffic you'd have to deal with if you were driving!

I like to ride my bike into work in the spring time, but the 6 mile ride just gets me too hot-n-sweaty when it finally gets hot out (and yeesh...the bike ride home is literally all up hill! I'm a software developer, not an athlete!) heh...

Oh! I see you've started using Picasa, eh? How do you like it?