Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does it get any better than this for DECEMBER?!?!!?

I don't think so!! It was a beautiful day off. I had the screen door open all day to let in the fresh air and I went for a run at Piedmont Park just to get out in the 78 degree weather!! Lovely!!

I just thought I would rub it in a little bit for you northerners!! Hope you are enjoying the snow... I will be up there soon to 'enjoy' it with you.


Anonymous said...

Snow & ICE -- can't forget the ice!! I'm sure it will still be here when you come!!
See you soon!! Love, Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

Your weather sounds perfect! We are still trying to cool off with our 84 degree temps--and humid. Unseasonably warm, should change by the week end.
Love your picture!
Love, Grandma E