Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You know your apartments really that bad when...

There is a BLOG about how bad it is. Seriously. That bad. I understand that places like apartment ratings are not alway accurate. Generally only the people with problems post to places like that. But, a blog. It make me laugh... nervously.

I have been having massive problems with Heights at Lenox since I moved in. I would post them all here but I seriously don't have them time. And, none of my issues have been about my neighbors. The neighbors have been truly respectful of the close living conditions and, honestly, listening to the occasional Hispanic music is quite enjoyable. But, things with the building, management, and maintenance staff have been so bad that I am writing to the management company as last resort before going to the Better Business Bureau, the heath/housing authority, and to a lawyer.

Please pray for me as I work thru this. I really don't want to move if I don't have to (I move enough already and I think my friends will make me hire a moving company if I move 2 times in one year again) and its a great location... which is why I haven't moved out already. I am past the angry/ready to kill someone stage and have taken the stance that if I am going to laugh about his later... but, I just need guidance as to how I should proceed.

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