Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to 2008

So, instead of my original plan stated in my last post I got a text from my friend Lynn to come out with her so that is what we did. We started out the night at Oceanaire where her boyfriend is the seux chef extraordinaire before taking our little party over to Twisted Taco. I can't say the night was drama-free but it was darn close and I had a great time. I am so happy I was able to ring in the New Year with the friends I did. Luckily Lynn is much better with the whole camera thing than I am so we do have pictures.

Thanks to Kendol, Lynn, Chris, Dee, Jason and Heather for ringing in the new year in style... with me! ;)

Hope you had a fun and safe New Years and my God bless you in 2008!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!
Nice Pictures!!
Love, Dad, Mom & Dan

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

yay! Glad you were able to ring in the NEW YEAR with me honey! You're so much better at this blog thing than I am - my fam always gets onto me about not knowing whats going on in my life :P I need to get better at this! Can't wait to spend VDay with you! :)