Monday, January 07, 2008

Jeff Henderson Rocks!! (thank you God!!)

So, I went to 6pm service last night at Buckhead Church, like I always do, and the sermon was done by our Senior Pastor Jeff... and it was perfect. I always here how I need to listen to God's voice but no one other than my brother Dan has been able to explain how. Dan says its by reading the Bible and then being silent so I can hear God's voice. So I have been doing that and luckly have made it thru Leviticus (yeah!) and am into first Kings. However Jeff took it a step further and gave us a system to try. He suggest reading a few sentences and then praying and mediatating over those until you hear the power phrase that God is communicating to you. Once you have the phrase you should write it down in some kind of journal with the date and the passage that you read. So I am now incorporating his system into my daily reading. I have a feeling it will be powerful!!

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Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

YAY! that was good wasn't it? Chef and I went to the 11am service and I had the same reaction to his suggested "system" for reading the Bible! I'm still not as disciplined as I would *like* to be but I did it the other night and decided to stick to the New Testament - I'm reading John right now...good stuff! :)