Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This week is extremely busy for me. Saturday was Kendol's birthday so we celebrated at Twains, Kendol is moving into a new apartment so on Sunday I helped him pack after work, yesterday I had my small group (woo hoo), today I am going shopping with Kendol to get a few new things for his apt then going with Erinleigh (friend from Buckhead Church) to the Fox to watch a play (soooo excited!), tomorrow I will be helping Kendol move and possibly going to Sex and the City night with my girls (*if* it can fit in), Thursday night I am going to the Symphony with neighbor Raileigh, Friday --- RELAX!! -- Saturday after work I am going with the community group girls to GroupLink... we need a few more people in the group... and a leader. Wooh! What a run on sentence!!

So, in between doing laundry and getting ready for the day I thought I would do a quick update and add some additional pics... some are from December!! Oh my!

Here is the evolution of the Christmas cookies. They were made, obviously, before Christmas!!

And here are some pictures from Kendol's birthday at Twains!!

Finally I am not sure if I showed the pics from NYE 2007, so if not,
here they are!

Hope you are having a great week!!

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