Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some changes

Since I gave a pre-cap of my last week I will now give a quick post cap.

The musical that Erinleigh and I were able to see was the Drowsy Chaperone and it was hillarious!!! Also, we had the best seats ever... 2nd row back from the stage!!! We decided that seats like that called for a glass of wine and some popcorn! We had a blast. I tried to re-create the play for Kendol later. He thought it was pretty funny too but I think he was laughing more at me than the musical. After the musical we stopped by the cutest little bar downtown for a martini!! We had the most fun!

Kendol and I did pack up a lot of his things this week and went shopping for a few things that he needs however he was unable to move this past week. There were some issues that a previous land lord caused by not being quite truthful. Kendol is clearing everything up and is hoping to move to his new apartment this week.

That means that I was able to go to my Sex & The City night Wednesday night with my girls!! We did the usual... Marlo's then to Lynn's apartment. We had fun but took no pictures. I can't believe we forgot!

Thursday after work I met up with neighbor Raleigh at Sidebar downtown. He is currently studying for his masters in philosophy so we met up with a bunch of his colleagues there and then 5 of us went to the Symphony. It was soooo fun!! I would do that again anytime. After the symphony Kendol met up with us at Vortex on Peachtree for a martini. (I am currently loving martini's)

Yesterday I relaxed during the day (I didn't get out of bed until 11am it was fabulous) and then went with Kelly from my small group to Spoke on the Mountain (a musical at a Methodist church in Roswell). It was very cute and full of country gospel music. For some reason I picture my parents really liking it ;)~

Tonight I am going with the girls in the community group to group link... we will be trying to add a few new girls and a leader. Pray that we are able to find some good people!!

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Anonymous said...

You are so right!!! Mom and I learned to dance the Blue Rose taught by Marie and Vicky. Had a ball.Love you