Thursday, January 03, 2008

No SATC this week.

Since Lynn wasn't feeling well Sex & The City for this week was canceled. I have to say it was sad but luckily I had spent New Years with her and I did stop by her house to pick up my coat and to give her ring back (it was featured in the New Years pictures as "my bling"). The walk across the street from my car to her lobby was freezing!! What made it so cold was the wind. I asked Kendol if he wanted to stop by my parents house on the way home. I figure its so cold we must be in Michigan! He informed me that we are not actually living in Michigan. Isn't this supposed to be HOT-lanta!

I am currently in my last hour of work at Buckhead Church before heading to the gym. My Shuffle is dead (I think it just need to be re-charged) so I am going to be working out old-school -- listening to the music provided by LA Fitness.

Also, I have been on my typical January diet... no chocolate. I do allow myself one exception -- in (hot) chocolate milk. I figure all the nutrients in the milk cancel out the calories in the chocolate. And, this happens only once every few days. This January diet started the day I got back from my parents house and it's going surprisingly well. Generally this is the week where I crave chocolate but not yet! Woo Hoo!! I have also tried something new in creating a meal plan for the week. Making sure to have 5 small meals every 2-3 hours through out the day. One of the meals is a regular lunch or dinner but the rest are mostly snack portions but I stay very full, which may be why I am not craving chocolate... I am too full! I am planning on prolonging this plan for about 3 months (with the exception of going to FL to visit Grandma and Grandpa... then all bets are off).

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Anonymous said...

Brr!!! It is cold down here too, 30 degrees yesterday AM! Haven't walked to the jetty since Mon.
Can't wait to see you, no diets here! Although it would do Grandpa and me a lot of good.
Love, Grandma E