Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slow-Cooker Stew with Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Woo hoo for the beginning of fall!!!  I love this time of year because I get to create lots and lots of soup.  Whats better than curling up on the couch with a warm bowl of soup while watching Wheel Of Fortune?  The answer is... nothing!

So I needed to do a quick post for the latest creation that I made last night for small group.  I found the slow-cooker recipe here and barely changed it up.  I put it all in the crock pot before going to work Wednesday morning and when I came home it smelled magical!

I also pulled some Ezekiel bread dough out of the freezer (I had put together about a month ago and froze).  When I got home from work I baked the bread and both Teesha and I thought the bread was better after it was frozen then the loaf made without freezing it. 

Slow-Cooker Stew with Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Corn

1-28oz can of unsalted whole tomatoes, including the juice
3 cups sweet potato chunks
2 cups cannelini beans (I used dried that I sat in water overnight)
2 cups lima beans (I used frozen, but thawed them first)
2 cups frozen corn kernels (that I thawed with the lima beans)
1 large onion, diced
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
3 cups vegetable broth
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

Dump the tomatoes into slow-cooker and crush with your hands or the back of a wooden spoon. Mix in the remaining ingredients, cover, and slow-cook until everything is tender.  (for me it was 9 hours on low and then a few hours on warm - until we were ready to eat).

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Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

YUM!!! a must try for the veggie BF...always good to get add a few more recipes to the "veggie" file :) thanks!