Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Update

Hello all!  Just a bit about me.  This past week there wasn't too much new or exciting to report but here is what was the top of the week for me...
  • My boss and friend Rachael had her work baby shower.  It was a lot of fun to watch her open her gifts, the food was amazing and I had a great talk with another Rachael who was also there.
  • I went to my mentorship group Tuesday night.  We have read the book 'Spiritual Friendships' by Mindy Caliguire and we are talking about spiritual friends.  Its great to hear others perspectives and to realize we all struggle with so many of the same / similar thing when it comes to close, spiritual, female friendships.
  • I just read the book 'Julie and Julia' by Julie Powell.  It was a fun read and I would love to now see the movie so I can see what is the same and what they changed!
  • Today I am relaxing and cooking, my favorite kind of day.  Preston is watching me, of course.
  • Tomorrow I am going to my mission trip 'retreat' where we will get to do something (not quite sure what, it is a mystery) and it will be for team building and getting to know each other better.  And it will be within the city limits of Atlanta, I think...
  • And then tomorrow night I am going to Lynette's birthday party.  Super excited to be able to celebrate with her.
Well, onto life.  My muffins just came out of the oven and I need to do a little house hunting online today too.  Wish me luck, I only have until the end of November to find and purchase a place if I want the first time home buyers tax credit!


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