Monday, December 29, 2008


The Christmas pictures have been added... the are linked under the picture section!!

I had another wonderful Christmas/Mom's birthday with my family! We had so much fun hanging out, opening presents, eating, seeing Jenny and Matt, and shopping!!! My memory is so shot, lets see if I can remember everything that we did...

My parents made it in Tuesday night. So, we started on Wednesday... Mom and I got our groceries at Publix and then we all went to the mall to walk around and eat at Chick-fil-a before the Christmas Eve service at my church. We watched the most awesome Christmas program ever! If it was already loaded on the Buckhead Church website I would show it to you.

Thursday we had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Dad made a big turkey dinner and I made an angel food cake to celebrate my Mom's birthday. We opened our presents and had a lot of fun watching Christmas parades. In the afternoon cousin Jenny and her husband Matt came over for dinner. We spent some time on the roof hanging out, eating, walking around the block, and playing Wizards. A great day!!

On Friday we met up with my friend Marcus to help him pick out a fake Christmas tree so he will have one for next year (and I will for sure help him decorate it then). And then we shopped around Atlantic Station (we bought a TON of clothes at Express... they had an amazing sale!!) and then I can't remember... ouch!

Saturday and Sunday we did more shopping!! We ended up going to Express at Atlantic Station (two times), Cumberland Mall, and Lenox Mall!! Hehe. They had such good sales and they had different clothes at each one so we went to one at every mall we ended up at. Saturday we at at Lonestar for dinner and ran into my friend Kimmy! It was fun to see her... she is from Michigan as well and had spent some time up there for Christmas so we were able to chat about all of that!

Sunday my parents tried SUSHI for the first time!! I made sure none of it was raw, my Dad thought it was good but I am not sure what my mom thought. It will probably be the only time they will have any but it was fun!! :D

Sunday night we took down my Christmas tree (sniffle). Through out the week my Dad helped me with some things in my apartment... he is a great handy man!! He installed a dimmer in my dining room which is wonderful to have! He also hung up some art in my living room... which is great cause I wouldn't have been able to do that either!

It was great to have my parents in town and for us to hang out!!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas week with us, Kristie! Fun to read. I expect your parents are back in MI by now. Sounds like it is very windy up there. Lots of power outages.
Nopperts are enjoying "fun in the sun". Lots of beach and pool.
Happy New Year!
Love, Grandma E