Monday, December 15, 2008

Knight in Shining Armor

My take on one view of premarital sex that was told in my Oasis group has stuck with me, because the more I think about it the more truth it holds. As the old fairytale holds, us ladies want our knight in shining armor, however we don't want to give him all the fun of slaying dragons, instead...

We want someone who we can trust to slay our dragons with us. In life, we all have forests of enemies with many dragons in them. The forests are very wooded, very dense and this helps to cover our battles from the rest of the world, only those who we let in are able to see what lies inside our forest. And only those who are closest to us are brought far enough in to see the dragons we must battle. And of those, only a small handful are brought to fight with us. When we have sex before marriage, we lose trust in the guy because we can't trust him to follow God's rules. We feel, somehow, that as a Christan male he has committed to putting us first. When sex occurs prematurely, we see it as him putting himself and his desires before us and what is best for us. Which is opposite to what is biblically directed. Because of that, we never trust the guy enough to bring him far enough in to do battle with us. And, most guys want to be the knight in shining armor that we do bring into battle. This is where it gets frustrating in long-term relationships, the guy wants to be the knight but because we don't have the complete trust in him and because we did something that God told us not to, we don't trust them enough to ever fully do battle with us. However, when we wait, when we know the guy has already put our needs in front of his own, and when he follows God's rules we know that we can trust him fully to do battle right beside us for the rest of our lives.

When you read this, do you agree?

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