Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in Review

The biggest part of my life this past week has been going thru the literally thousands of pictures that I have from Cambodia.  I am posting them here and soon (hopefully, fingers crossed) will have them all up.  It has been so much fun getting to re-live the experience via photo and hopefully in December I will get to re-live the experience for real!  It was truly amazing.

Otherwise, I went to see Erinleigh in the hospital on Tuesday.  The drive there is never fun (i.e. Atlanta rush-hour) however its always great to get to see her.  Richard is still not supposed to have non-family visitors so I'll see him eventually.  Richard turned 21 on Monday so I brought him a beer and a card for his birthday.  Even in the hospital a 21-year-old need one beer for his big day (even if he can't drink it)!

Wednesday I had my accountability group with Teesha and Odessa!  I love those ladies.  It has been a little bit since we had gotten together and our conversation was amazing.  For dinner I made roasted brussels sprouts with Trader Joe's Asian veggie burgers.  Teesha brought the bread -- Arnold Sandwich Thins -- which I love!! We topped the burgers with mustard, Hoisen sauce, and sliced half-sour pickles!  Yummy!!

The good thing about this week has been that it has been nice enough to take Preston for a walk... I think he really appreciates the walks!  Yesterday I went on a long walk with him, which was probably ver good for him and me!  I also got to do yoga four days this week!! Woo hoo!!

Last night I was exhausted!  Jennie stopped by my place on her way out to a party and even commented on how quiet I was.  I think my fibro is acting up.  I am have been super tired, not able to sleep, and very sore this week.  I have been taking medication but it hasn't been doing much.  I have a few other things to try but am hoping that will not be necessary!

One of the nice things about my job is that people are always having lunches catered and there are generally left overs.  Yesterday there was left over On The Border Mexican food.  I had some nachos for lunch and wanted to have a quick and easy dinner but didn't want to make the same thing for dinner.  When I am not feeling well soup always sounds good and I really was in the mood for something spicy.  I brought home a zip lock back with chicken in red sauce, spicy black beans, and rice with spices and corn.  On the size I brought home salsa and tomatoes.  So I made my own Mexican-ish Soup.  It is amazing!!

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