Thursday, January 07, 2010

Presence of Snow = Absence of Mind

My mind is seriously not working today.  I put on clothes inside out.  I was tried to plug in an external hard drive into a computer, couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, about 30 minutes later I realize what I thought was the cord to the drive was a cord to a mouse.  Computer issues taking much longer than I would like to resolved.  I am now blaming the presence of snow for my absentmindedness.  Mind you, we haven't actually had any snow flakes fall here at the church but the weather channel is promising snow.  And there have been many rumors floating around about significant others calling my fellow employees to report snow sighting.  So, I anticipate the dreaded snow.  Thinking back to days in Michigan with feet of snow and still being expected to drive.  Here, one inch is enough to shut the city down.  Ahh, that is why I heart Atlanta.  They love to drive in this as much as I do!

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Jason Poll said...

Sorry that we couldn't get the snow to you in time for Christmas!