Friday, January 22, 2010


So, I've gone to Cambodia and come home.  Saw my family.  Celebrated Christmas and a New Year.  Been busy and back to work.  Got Preston back.  Cooked a lot.  But haven't said much here about the trip to Cambodia.

Well, I'm not to the point of making a massive recap but I can say something quickly.  And give you a link to pictures!! So far all that I have uploaded are the ones I have taken however my group got together last week to share all of our pictures.  I have them all and need to go thru them before uploading since there are quite a few duplicates.  However they will all be uploaded eventually!!  Keep posted!!

And now my few notes from my trip. 
  • I had the most amazing time and I'm praying about the opportunity to return.  Please pray with me. 
  • My roommate, Lisa, who most called my wife on the trip was the best!!  We roomed together, laughed together, and felt grateful that we met on the trip.  We have gotten together quite a few times for dinner and knitting.  I also see her at church on Sunday.  Tonight I went to an art show by her friend Laura Bowman.  She is a wonderful artist and I loved her art.
  • The orphanage was spectacular!! I was some what afraid of what it may look like before I got there however knowing what a great place the children get to stay, how as a group they are such an amazing family, how Pastor Vek, his wife, and the rest of the people who take care of and love the children, and how they learn about God and get to know him put me at ease when our last day came.
  • The food was to die for!! Yummmy!  I loved it!! 
  • The group as a whole worked so well together.  We each has such amazing strengths that we all got to use, we each brought different ideas that were so fun to see executed, and it was great to make some new friends.

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