Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silver Skillet Rocks

Erinleigh, George, and I went to the Silver Skillet today for brunch... amazing!! I had a biscuit with egg and bacon, side of pancake, and coffee... yumm-o! Erinleigh and George have a habit of going and hopefully they will include me every time they go. I could do that again in a minute.

I guess this post is my restaurant review, although I don't think they really care too much about my opinion cause its, like, the most visited restaurant in Atlanta by the 'real' famous people. Want the history... check it out here. What I found most interesting is that parts of Remember the Titans were filmed there as well as Travis Tritt's Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares music video.

Since I have posted a Travis Tritt video already I figured you would want to see another one! Don't you just love the mullet!!!

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Jill said...

Ooh! Silver Skillet is SO yummy!! My husband has a hobby of finding the best breakfast spots in town, and this is one of his favs..good choice!