Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, I need to be inspired to write I suppose. Because for the past few days I have been wanting to write something on here, but I haven't felt the urge. Instead, I have keep myself busy by watching a few movies:

- Mamma Mia - Musical... LOVE it! Something about a musical makes me happy!!
- Calamity Jane - another musical - amazing!!
- Mean Girls - teen angst at its best
- Bride Wars - went with about 20 ladies to see it. check out a blog about it here.
- The Devil Wears Prada - seen it 100 times, if not more, and love it every time
- Get Smart - how funny! watched it with my friend Zach and we both laughed a ton!!
- Niagara - Marilyn Monroe in a scary movie. I was shocked at how much a movie from 1953 held me in suspense. Amazing!

And here is what else I have been up to...

Last Monday Erinleigh, George, Miranda, and Joe came over for pizza. It was raining that night but we still went up to my roof to hang out. They hadn't been up there, Joe and Miranda are from NYC, and they loved the view! They said it reminds them of being in NYC... it made me smile!

Wednesday I had my Oasis group, which I have already blogged the recipe.

Thursday I found out that my director (and was my direct manager for a few months) had to quit suddenly. My good friend and co-worker Rachel put it best in her blog, so I am going to quote directly from her....

This is a tribute to Sean. He has been the best manager I've ever had. And i'm so sad he is leaving the organization I work for ... I will miss his vision, direction, and leadership. I'm praying for him, his wife, and daughter. They've had a lot of things happen to their family in the last 2 months so please lift them up if you can today. Sean taught me so much about being a leader, pushing for more, managing others, looking at the big picture, and keeping God and family before work. Sean grew me to be the employee I am today. I give him the credit for my success. He has made me a better person and I will miss him immensely at work. I was truly blessed to work for him...

To be honest, when I found out I cried. Not just one little tear, but I had to hold myself back from all out bawling. Bit my lip and everything. I am sad to not have him here anymore. It's not getting easier but I have come to the decision that whenever I think about him or his family I will stop and pray. So in that note, I will be right back...

Ok, back.

At night my girls and I did our SATC night again... finally! We hadn't gotten together in FOREVER but it was good to see them! We did a pot-luck style dinner (which is one of my favorites) and watched Mamma Mia and chatted away... we are good at that!

Then on Friday I was supposed to go out to Lola with a group of ladies from Oasis, however I wasn't feeling the greatest. In the morning I had a doctor appointment that I thought was just an x-ray but turns out it was an upper-GI. Not sure what that means but it wasn't as bad as the barrium enema but it did ware me out. I am still waiting for the results. After the appointment I went home and went back to bed, slept for a few hours. When I woke up I still wasn't feeling well so I cancelled my night out. Lynnette, one of my BFF's is having some personal trouble, so I invited her over to my place for movies and dinner. We had taco salad - very easy and very yummy - and watched Calamity Jane and Mean Girls.

Saturday I finally went for a walk!! I hopped on the treadmill and went 30 minutes!! Woo hoo!! Afterwards I went to Dr. Marc's office for a seminar on 'taking control of your health.' I was able to go with my friend Wendy and it was great to see her! It's been a little while since we have gotten together. After the doctors visit I went to Jamie's house for pre-movie festivities before heading to the theater to watch Bride Wars.

Sunday I was back at work, loving every minute of it! It's so great to love your job!! I haven't felt this way in so very long. Praise God!! After work, Zach and I headed to my house and watched Get Smart... what a hoot! Funny, funny, funny!

Yesterday was somewhat down for me, which was good cause I was exhausted again! I was supposed to have small group but everyone bailed on it so I ended up staying home, preparing for Oasis on Wednesday, and relaxing.

Tonight I have my first mentor group meeting!! I am super excited!! I can't wait to see how God leads my life in the next year. Last year was so exciting with so many ups and downs. I expect this year to be the same.


The Walkup's said...

YAY-I was mentioned on your blog! Thanks for being YOU! I'm so glad we work together!

Shannon said...

Was so great to see you and Kit last Thursday! We need to make it a habit again...