Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two done... And I love them!!!

I have been told that these chairs were my great grandparents. So, now we know!

Yesterday tested my skills and spent a good portion of my day making the cushion covers and the results were worth it! I think they are beautiful. I made them with zippers, so for now I have the old cushions in them. However, at some point I will make new since, I believe, the old ones were original with the chair and the padding leaves much to be desired. Either way, they work well for now!!

Boys only want girlfriends who have great skills... sewing skills...


Anonymous said...

Love the chairs, Kristie!! You did a great job. Those were your great grandparents. Nice to see them being used again.
Zimmers are here for the week end. They were very happy to get out of the cold..especially since they have all had the flu!
Love, Grandma E

Shannon said...

Great job on those, Miss K!!! I love the fabric...very graphic-meets-tiki. And you are right...those mad skills do come in handy (and commonly do surprise the boys)! You've inspired me to find my sewing machine at my mom's! :)