Monday, January 26, 2009


My calendar looks like a tornado. Seriously there is colors everywhere, things to do, my next week is already mapped out completely for me. I am not used to this. Its not always that I am this busy and I am glad for that. I do love my down times, however sometimes its nice to have things to do. I am just nervous that I am over scheduled for this week and I don't want to drop anything. All of my down time will probably be spent napping, which is probably a good thing... keeping healthy is key to getting everything done.

This just means that my blogging suffers. I want to update but I just don't always have the energy or time to. Aahhh, craziness...

However, my mom did just send me some pictures from my childhood... and they made me smile this morning when I saw them...

Was I not just the cutiest little thing you ever saw?!??!?

So, to give you a recap of what I did this past week... Wednesday I had the most fun with my Oasis group wrap up. We went to Cafe Intermezzo for dinner and DESSERT!! We sat and chatted for hours. The food was great. The dessert was amazing, as always!

Thursday had plans to go to Erinleigh's house to watch Kath & Kim, The Office and 30 Rock. However, I got a call from her at 7pm that she was headed over to an audition and that I had to come. I had literally just gotten done with a walk, changed and ran out. The audtion was a Lola and it was fun. Not much to it really, just had to talk for a few minutes and have my picture taken. Once we were done we went to her house, at some rice and beans for dinner, and watched our shows!! We even watched Jeff Dunham on the Comedy network! Fun, fun night!!

Friday during the day I was uber lazy and loved every minute of it! At night, I went to Amy's house (from my small group) for her bachelorette party. We ate pizza, watched Sex & The City and talked! There was a lot of ladies that I hadn't met before, and a few I had, so it was fun talking to everyone.

Saturday during the day I did a lot of work at home... cleaning, laundry, etc. Then at night I went to Amy's Wedding Shower. Minus the drive, it was a lot of fun! The drive was just super long. It was with a lot of the same ladies that were at the bachelorette party so it was fun to see everyone again.

Sunday I worked (hard) in the morning and went to service at Buckhead Church. We are in the middle of a series called Balanced and if you haven't seen it yet, watch it now! Amazing!! Yesterday hit right home for me!! At night, Erinleigh had a birthday party for her brother on my roof. It was chilly (ended up downright cold) but fun! There ended up being, I would say, around 30 people up there! I stayed near the fireplace but was able to talk to a lot of fun people. I was so glad we had the party on my roof!

Tonight I have my last meeting with my current small group. It's bittersweet. I love my current group but I know its time for us to move on and be in new groups. However, it will be so weird and sad not to have them scheduled into my life every week! We are going to be meeting at Flying Biscuit, which I love and I know we will have a great time chatting so I am really looking forward to it.

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The Walkup's said...

You are such a cute lil girl :) Thanks for sharing your pictures! Don't worry about being busy sometimes its a good thing. www. is an amazing task management system. helps me not forget anything :)