Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts Again

Here are a few random thoughts that I can leave you with today...

1. As I was driving in I was contemplating a news story I heard on CNN. The government is going to be giving away more money to someone or groups of someones or businesses (sorry it was in the background while I was curling my hair and at the time hair-curling seemed more important). They were talking thru the pros and cons about said bill. On my drive I was thinking about how the government is about to take some money that tax payers have to forfeit - no such thing as free money - to give to businesses that haven't been able to stay afloat financially on their own; give them more money. What do they think the results will be? It was making me a little angry and then this voice came into my head (yes I hear voices) that said... 'yeah, I know. How many people actually take care of all I give them, eeeeh?' It circled back 'round to what I am currently learning at Buckhead Church about being financially Balanced. Touché, I thought, touché.

2. I had a few really random, really weird dreams last night. Of which, I can only remember one. But the point is not the quantity but the quality of the dream. I dreamed about a person who is currently in my past, exactly where they need to stay, and have been there for quite a few years. In the dream I still had their style, actions, wording, mannerism, etc all pegged down. It was real to me. It makes me realize that I internalize more than I have ever really realized. Now what to do with this realization...

3. I had an amazing time with my small group at Flying Biscuit Monday night!!!! We will have to see each other still... and we are thinking about a rotating dinner night... cause I would sooooo miss them if I never got to see them again. They have been such an intimate part of my life over the past 3 years.

And there you have it... numbered, random thoughts.

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The Walkup's said...

I love that this post just represents you :) glad to know you!