Saturday, November 22, 2008

In case you were wondering...

The latest medical news from me.

The specialist that I go to... the one who did the amazingly awful test on me last Friday... let me know that all the test they did came back normal!! That's good. So it's just IBS right. Well, they are not sure. Since the last medication they gave me didn't do anything they are now putting me on Amitiza. I took it last night for the first time... it says may cause nausea and they were not kidding!!! I was nauseous as all could be last night. And, yes, I did take it with food. The effects of the Lyrica were strong the first couple of days and then subsided. I am really hoping that the Amitiza works the same way.

I am taking both medications in the AM and the PM until the doctors say otherwise.

But how am I feeling? MUCH BETTER!! I can't tell if the Amitiza is working yet (but then it hasn't been 24 hours yet). However, the Lyrica and vitamin D are working beautifully!! I am still sleeping a lot at night however I am waking up feeling that not only do I want to do thing, I really can!!!

Yesterday I ran some errands... I went to IKEA to pick up some tea lights, I got the oil changed in my car, I had lunch with my good friend Rick (I used to work with him at Cbeyond... he was always a mentor and friend), got the Amitiza from my doctor, stopped at Sally's to pick up hair dye, and stopped in a fabric store, Office Depot looking for a laptop case, and in Home Goods. Granted, Sally's, the fabric store, Office Depot, and Home Goods were all next door to each other but I was able to go to them all, go home and eat dinner before getting sleepy (around 8:30pm). I don't mind being sleepy early at night if I can have a good day!

And on top of all of it... I feel good again this morning!!

Please continue to pray for me. Even if we find that the medications I am on work I have to pray that the medical insurance that I am switching to in December will cover them. The current insurance I am on doesn't. I know that no matter what, God will work it all out. He currently has... both doctors have given me free samples as we test.

Today I am hoping to go to a jeans store, to Barnes & Noble, clean my apartment, and dye my hair. Lets see how far I am able to get...


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are doing a lot better, Kristie! Keep it up.
Prayers will always continue.
Love, Grandma E

Carlos said...


Jason Poll said...

Have I (or anyone else?) suggested that you check into seeing if your celiac?

Google up 'celiac symptoms'.