Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Update!

I went to the doctor again today. All the blood work that he did came back normal... well all except for my vitamin D, I am deficient in that. So I stopped by Target on my way home to pick some up. What does that mean for me... the doctor is not sure. He has been doing some research on what a deficiency in vitamin D can do to you but he really doesn't know what causes it and what it can do. So, he also wrote me a prescription for more Lyrica. I will be taking both until we can figure out if the trouble is actually the vitamin D. If it is, we will take me off the Lyrica and I will do a big dance!! If not, then we will continue to isolate the fibromyalgia.

Since I have been home I have done some research but I am not finding much that I would think to be interesting... except I found an article entitled 'Causes of vitamin d deficiency' from Helium.com. The part that raised my eyebrow was:

Signs of vitamin "D" deficiency can include, excessive thirst, itching, eczema-like itching, eye pain and soreness, frequent urination, diarrhea, achiness, insomnia, irritability, moodiness, headaches and migraines, muscle pain and many types of cancer, and bone fractures, dizzy spells, fatigue and deposits of calcium in your liver, lungs, kidney, stomach and your blood vessel walls. Since a lack of vitamin "D" leads to a lack of the absorption of B12, calcium and iron you could experience any or all of the above symptoms.

Research shows that fibromyalgia may have a link to vitamin "D" deficiency.

Interesting isn't it...

However, my B12, calcium and iron counts all came back normal. And, although the site is copy written I don't know how accurate it really is. I have been looking and looking for supporting evidence that the above statement is accurate but I am not finding any. So, it looks like I will now be my own guinea pig and will see what happens when I take my vitamins!!

Right now my prayer is that the trouble is just vitamin D (and if it is I will be shocked but I serve a mighty God who can do what he wants!!)!!!

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Jason Poll said...

I thought it was becoming common knowledge that most people are vitamin-D deficient. (lotsa good stuff when googling 'vitamin d deficient'.)

Like your research found, it plays a symbiotic role in the uptake of other vital nutrients such as calcium and B vitamins.

We (humans) didn't used to have to take D supplements : We make D simply by exposing our skin to the sun. But, now we rarely actually see the sun (sitting behind a desk all day,) and when we are in the sun, we're told to slather on SPF30, effectively stopping any natural vitamin D production in your body.

From what I've read, D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so you gotta be careful when supplementing as too much can cause problems as well. It's not like the B vitamins - you take them and you see very clear, err, yellow, evidence of their water-solubility shortly after. ;)

As far as supplementing, just remember that not all vitamins are the same. Pay attention to 'bio-availability' of the supplements you take.

It sounds like you're on the right track...you'll find the answers. Have you ever had your thyroid checked?