Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Shack

So, I must add another blog entry for today... before I go to bed (I am sleepy).

I picked up the book 'The Shack' the other day and started reading it as a fiction book that I could read in between all of my studies. Buckhead/NorthPoint Churh has graciously given me a lot of books to read about their practices, management, etc which I have been reading and are throughly enjoying however I can only read so many in a row before I want to read a 'for-fun' kinda book. Which is why I picked up 'The Shack.' I thought it would be a fun, Christian book I could read quickly and then go back to the study books.

I was sooooo wrong. I have heard mixed reviews from people on the book. Maybe I am just very young in my faith, my relationship, my trust. However, this book is speaking to me. So much so that I have turned it into a study book. I am taking furious notes. Its amazing. Its packaging up so many of the lessons that I have learned recently and adding a pretty little bow to them. However I think my head is going to explode with all this new information. I want to remember it all, but know its not possible. This is definitely a re-readerer.

If you haven't read it yet (even though I am only on chapter 10 -- about 1/2 way) I would recommend it. Even if I hated the rest I have learned a lot!


tim said...

KP.. I'm with you! I'm "old" in my faith and there are so many parts to this book that I just want to highlight, underline and memorize... it's unbelievable.

And it sounds like you and I are at the same place in the book.. about half way through.

I picked it up a few Friday's ago (my Saturday) and read the first third in one sitting. I thought I'd finish it in a day, but you know.. I got sidetracked and didn't pick it up again until yesterday afternoon. I read enough to finish the chapter I was in and then left for our mission team meeting.

The book will be great travel conversation while we're in Slovakia!

Jamie said...

You DEF have to be at 7|22 on June 24th if you enjoyed this book...the author, William P. Young is going to be our featured speaker that night, and we'll be discussing this book!

It's good stuff!