Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bugs in my Bed!!!

I think I need help... right now its because I keep thinking there are bugs in my bed.

One of my biggest, stupidest fears is the fear of bugs. This new apartment has *helped* me in getting over the fear... just in the sheer number of bugs I have to kill. However, since I have gotten back from Italy I have been having re-occurring dreams (almost nightly) that there is a bug in my bed or crawling on me. In the dream, I think I wake up and see very large bug(s)... roaches, spiders, etc... which causes me to jump out of bed and turn the light on. Once I turn the light on I actually wake up, find out that there wasn't a bug, and realize that it was a dream. I turn the light back off and fall asleep.

Last night I had this same dream about 6 different times. Needless to say I barely slept because by the 3rd time I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something crawling around so I kept moving in bed and scratching at myself.

Even though I know its all in my head its still affecting me and I am losing sleep over it. My Dad thought this may be occurring because I was eating to late so I make sure not to eat after 8pm but no change...

Today I watched a sermon from NewSprings from their 'Man Series' and part of discussed fear and what I got from it was our fears are the 'sense of the unknown.' We are to fear (aka - to be in awe of) the Lord only. When you are full of fear God can't use you. Basically, we have to let go of unhealthy fears and fear God only.

Is that what my dreams are telling me? What advise do you have for me?


Jerry said...

I think you are sort of on the right track. Your mind probably knows that bugs are there even though you can't see them, so it fears them. I don't exactly know how you get over that other than moving into a new place.

Anonymous said...

Commit it to prayer and let God Handle your fears. He is truely qualified to do that. In the mean time wash your sheets in hot water and high heat dry. Now you know they are clean and this should help you sleep.