Sunday, April 27, 2008

I almost forgot!

So, Friday we girls decided to mix it up a bit!! We did both of our plans... we hung out by the pool until the clouds rolled in and then we took the party inside. We drank sangria, ate a salad and some zucchini quiche while watching a movie. (Can't remember the name of it but it was girly and good). It was nice to hang out by the pool however I am still white as ever! Ha!

In completely un-related news... I found new sun-dresses!! I have been looking for, like, 2 years to find some cute, cheap, sun-dresses like I used to wear as a kid and I finally found a couple that fit my adult frame (its a lot harder now to find sun-dresses that fit)! And guess where I came across them... Target! Rock on! I was walking to Buckhead Church last week and saw a few in the window for Macy's that looked cute. I may stop by there on my way home Thursday and check them out!

Tonight's plans are amazingly simple... I will go grocery shopping at Krogers before heading home and going to sleep! I love it! I am quite sleepy! Tomorrow is Monday night small group and I will be going to SATC on Wednesday! I always look forward to that. The rest of the week really isn't planned out at all, which I am loving. I am sure I will manage to fill it up quickly though!

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Shannon said...

We definitely need to do a "Pool + Lunch Friday" again soon!!! Minus the tasty as it is, red wine + rum gives me a headache!!! :( I'll bring makings for pina coladas next time!!!