Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oil Change

Yesterday I had to do something I am soooo not fond of... auto maintenance!! But, it went so smoothly!! There is a Pontiac dealership by my job at Cbeyond that I go to and they do the most wonderful job. They changed my oil, balanced and rotated my tired (of which I need to get one new... I obviously haven't been doing a good job of getting the balance and rotation done), and they fixed my driver's side door!

Someone hit it, again, in the Cbeyond parking lot and hit it just right that it would only open about 1/4 of the way. I could get in and out of it fine but if I forgot that it was broken it would remind me loudly! Haha! Everyone around me would look! But, they fixed that for me and they did it for free! You know you have a good mechanic when they do that!

I had a big smile on my face this morning when I opened the car door all the way (carefully, of course, to avoid the car next to me)!!!

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