Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On special request from my Dad...

... here is the coffee maker that I got in Italy!! I LOVE this little thing!! It makes the BEST COFFEE EVER!!! You put the water in the bottom, coffee in the middle, and turn on the stove. The water boils, goes thru the coffee grinds, and then ends up at the top. Its amazing!!



Jason Poll said...

Hey, that looks pretty cool! I'd like to try it some time. Any idea where someone could get one on this side of the pond?

Here's my favorite coffee maker: The AeroPress.


Yeah, ok, it's made by the same people who make the Frisbee, and the web site seems a little funky, but after hearing multiple (real) people rave about it, I asked for, and gone one, for Christmas (thanks Heather!)

This thing seriously makes the *best* coffee I've ever had. I buy locally roasted beans (also, the best-coffee-ever(tm)), and I can't get the coffee to taste as good through my french press or a standard drip-coffee maker as I can through my AeroPress.

Want to swap coffee makers some time? You try mine, and I'll try yours? :D

One more link, hit youtube up for aeropress videos for probably the best explanation of how the AeroPRess works:

Shannon said...

Yeah, do you have any info at all on this one? I would be interested in importing them if I could do it at a reasonable price! I got another rave review about this type of coffee maker from a German friend who used to live in Italy.