Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Randomness of Me!

Today I played ping-pong for the first time at Buckhead Church!! It was so fun!! Granted I played in completely unappropriated shoes and managed to get completely stomped on but it was fun! I am so excited to be able to work there 2 days a week. I am so blessed!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted... so long in fact I was just told by my Mom that my Grandma was asking if I still blogged... and then wanted to know if I was twittering instead! I love that she asked!! But, yes I am still blogging. I just have been crazy busy lately. Generally I have a few minutes at Cbeyond on the weekend to blog however there was just no time. I was way too busy... so busy it hurt! I am just hoping that next weekend is a little lighter!

I have a lot going thru my head lately as well. I have been heavily thinking about the next steps in my life and I want to know where God wants me to go next. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on your view) God doesn't seem to talk to me in full sentences. So, I have had so many thoughts swirling around my head and I just don't know what way is up! If you want to pray for me please pray for clarity.

Here are a few pictures I have taken in the last week...

My first meal of the summer on my deck!! For those who want to know it was a vinaigrette salad with a crab stuffed mushroom! Very good!!

My new spoon!!! I love this new spoon made out of bamboo!! Very exciting stuff!!! I bought it last week while at the Farmers Market with Marcus! I love going to the Farmers Market. My fridge is so packed with food right now its amazing. Its good and bad at the same time. I love all the food but then I want to eat it all right now too... hehe!!

Last night my friend Kedrick came over I cooked the most amazing balsamic salmon with Mediterranean couscous!! It was so quick, easy, and tasty that it will be in frequent rotation on my menu. One day I will have to take a picture cause its so pretty and colorful! Kedrick brought over the dessert... a whole cheese cake!! Well, it was a whole cake made of a ton of different kinds of cheese cake. It is amazing. The only problem... he left it here and I keep eating it. I don't need to eat a whole cheese cake by myself... note I didn't say I can't, just that I don't need it.

PS I used the concept of the balsamic salmon when I made my grilled tuna sandwich today! It was wonderful!!

Tomorrow I will spend the day at Buckhead Church. It supposed to be an amazingly beautiful day so I will probably walk there!! Yippee!! Then Erinleigh is going to come over for dinner. She is so fun to hang out with I can't wait!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are back to blogging!! Your meal on the deck looks delicious--keep up the good work.
I will definitely keep you in my prayers!
Love, Grandma E