Friday, February 25, 2005


Ok... so only 2 more days until I transfer to the new job. I am getting excited although I am a little nervous! But... in a week I will be in FLORIDA!! I am so ready to see family, lay on the beach, and enjoy some time off!!

I went to the allergist on Wednesday expecting to have all the routine pokes and whatnot that help determine exactly what my allergies are but nope... it was a preliminary visit... it would have made me very upset but the weather on Wednesday was sunny, beautiful, and over 70 degrees so it was a perfect day to have a half day off!

Also on Wednesday I applied for my passport. I have been asking around and some people were saying that I need it... others were saying that I just need my birth certificate and a drivers license. I decided to play it safe and get the passport. It is so easy to get... just grabbed the forms from online, filled them out, went to the post office, got my picture taken there and the passport will be sent to me within 6 weeks.

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