Sunday, February 27, 2005


So yesterday I wanted to go downtown to a place called Fatburger that a friend of mine from work told me about. She told me it is the best burger in the ATL. So, I looked up the address and drove my 2 roommates down with me. We drove down the whole street and didn't find the restaurant. So, since we were on the other side of ATL we decided to go to Manual's Tavern. It is a political pub that one of my roommates used to go to when he lived down here before. I ended up eating a burger and it was very good! Afterward we went to a fast food restaurant and got a vanilla ice cream cone... they have the best ice cream cones ever!! Don't remember the name of the place though. On the drive back home we went down the same street and on the way back we did see the Fatburger restaurant... it was really on another street and from the direction that we first came from there was absolutely no way to see it. Oh well, we will know for next time now.

It looks like a friend that we all used to work with is coming down today... they have work training and it will be right by where I work so it will be cool to see them. Since they will be in town for the week I have decided to get myself started packing this weekend for my Florida trip... so right now I am doing laundry (how exciting, right).

I am also watching MTV Cribs... and the last place they just showed was a guy's island. It was very cool!! Everything so tropical... Fabulous!

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Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hi Kristie,

We're packing too!! Can't wait to see you in the ATL airport then on to Florida!!

Did you hear from the Swanson's this weekend?? If you don't know about this check your phone voicemail......

Have a GREAT day!!