Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Crazy Weather!!

Oh my, oh my. The weather down here has been crazy!! Yesterday it was in the 70's (loving that)... during the day it was very foggy and rainy. Then, as I was getting out of work the sun came out, the clouds were gone and it was beautiful... so I went for a run! Shortly after my run my roommates and I went to Barnes & Noble and as we were leaving the bookstore the tornado sirens starting going off!! The sky got very black and all over the Atl there was thunderstorms and hail. At that point I got really nervous... we were outside as all this was happening. Luckily though nothing too terrible happened and looking outside right now it is absolutely gorgeous again!! It is supposed to get up to 70 degrees again today!!

I found out what my new work hours are going to be for my new job... once I have been trained I will be working 10am - 7pm. Not as great at my 8am - 5pm shift but I am now the new person again so I will work my way back to the better hours! With the new locations opening (we are opening in Chicago right now and soon somewhere in California) I am thinking there will be more positions opening and then I can get a better shift.

I think tonight I may be going out for sushi again tonight... I am looking forward to trying it again. I had a lot of fun last time!! I will have to try to get back onto the blog again sometime this week to update (much harder when I am training someone and they have control of the computer... but oh well).

Looking forward to seeing my family in FLORIDA soon!!!


Jill said...

Stay Safe!!! I miss you and think of you often. We need to chat on the phone one of these nights after 9 (since I am already 200 minutes over this month!) I miss you girl- come home to visit soon! I looked at a job today on the internet that would be perfect for me- It is in no other than ATLANTA GEORGIA!! We will see what happens....

Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hi Kristie,

Glad you were OK in that storm!! Wild Weather!! Can't wait to see you in Florida!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are anxious to see you and your family, Kristie! Won't be long now.
Temps here is 81 degrees right now. Hope it stays that way for all of you.
Love, Granpa & Grandma