Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is why...

I don't know if you noticed in the pics I uploaded yesterday but I have gained some weight recently.  Don't try to be nice and tell me you didn't see it... haha!  Well, I know exactly why I have... I call them 30th birthday treats.  Here are some of them... some are still on my camera and I have to take them off and add them here...

Birthday Cake at the Surprise Party - thanks Jennie!!!

Saturday wasTurtle Mocha Coffee at West Egg 
courtesy of Odessa - yummy!

After West Egg was Gigi's Cupcakes with Odessa & Eric

My IT Team surprised Andrej and me with yummy cookie cake!!

Monday was a Piece of Cake Strawberry Cupcake courtesy Buckhead Church!!
(I forgot to take a picture of it so this came from Piece of Cake's website)

Monday night Jennie and I had Cami Cakes cupcakes!!!

The only picture I don't have is from Erinleigh... she made me a chocolate ice cream cake!!! Of course there was no dairy in hers!!! It was amazing!!!

No wonder I can't fit into my pants any more!! LOL!!! And... no wonder this is how I ended up...

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