Sunday, August 08, 2010


I feel so blessed!!! I have the best friends... seriously, the best!!! Jennie & Teesha put together a surprise party for me this weekend and they got me good!! 

They told me they were both too busy to actually plan the day so it was just going to be the 3 of us for dinner.  Jennie spent Thursday asking me all sorts of questions about what I want to do, where I'd want to go.  Then on Friday Teesha had to "work late" so she would just meet us at dinner.  And the weather changed what we had decided to do the day before so they made an executive decision to go to Eclipse De Luna

Friday night Jennie was text messaging Teesha who was "at work" to find out when she would be able to get out to meet us so we had a drink at happy hour at the condo. 

Then she got the text that Teesha was ready to meet us so we headed over.  As we walked into Eclipse there was someone at the bar who looked familiar however they were facing the other direction.  Next I hear Jennie say, "there's Teesha"  and then I hear "SURPRISE!!!!!"  It took me a minute to put it all together but I was completely surprised!!!  So many of my friends had gathered to celebrate my birthday.  And as this weekend has progressed I've heard more and more stories of people who were in cahoots with Teesha and Jennie!! 

I haven't quite decided if its a good thing or a bad thing that my friends are so good at lying to me... haha!!!

Jennie had even made cupcakes for me...

And we did a bit of dancing...

I had a blast at dinner, the company was amazing, the food was spectacular, and I felt so loved!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Check out the pictures I have now (these are from Jennie's camera).  Mario also took pictures so once I have them from him I'll upload those and let you know!

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