Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Post-Skydiving Range Shooting

What better way to cap off a great Saturday of skydiving than to go to the range!  Haha!!! Bennett joined my parents, Zach and me for a fun hour shooting guns...

In this picture Zach is showing me how to shoot a rifle... in my sparkly dress!!

What else did my parents and I do this weekend???  Well, we went to Fat Matt's Thursday night and then just hung out at the apartment.  Jennie and Jeff stopped by for a few cocktails on the roof.

Rise-N-Dine was for brunch on Friday and ran into Marcus on his lunch break.  We all really liked Rise-N-Dine!! It was yummy!! Then we spent the day shopping and finished out the night with dinner at Via with Jennie.  Via was horrible... save yourself and don't go!! 

Saturday was skydiving, shooting, and the dinner at Fox Brother's BBQ.  I am so excited about shooting... my Dad bought me a Smith & Wesson .22 revolver so I was practicing with that.  Dad and I were also able to shoot Zach's 9mm and rifle and Bennett's 45.  We had a blast shooting all the different guns. Dinner was with Bennett, Marcus, Marthalynn and Julia.  I hadn't been to Fox however I've heard only good things about it.  In my opinion, it doesn't beat Fat Matt's for ribs however it did for the sides!

Sunday after church my parents and I went to Panahar for their first Bangladeshi experience.  And they really liked it!! Of course I did too... but it wasn't my first experience!  Haha!! We ran some errands during the day and then hung out on the roof before a major storm blew in and we went to Pizzeria Venti with Jennie for dinner.

It was another fun weekend with the parents!! Preston was very happy they were in town too... they do a great job at spoiling him!!!  Hahah!!

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