Friday, July 02, 2010


This weekend I spent time with VJ!!!  On Saturday we went to a 10am wedding.  Can you believe that?? What time did the bride have to be up to be ready by 10am.  Wow!!

I thought that maybe the wedding would be wedding-lite, however it was a full on wedding with a cocktail hour... at 10:30am!!  Seriously.  Followed by a full lunch, cake and dancing.  After having a lot of fun at the wedding we needed a nap.  Then met up with Joel and Vic to watch the World Cup then hang out at Joel's house and watch Avatar (I hadn't seen it before and really didn't watch much of it... talked thur most of it!  Can you believe it? Ha!).

For the rest of the weekend... Sunday I had my first meeting with my Cambodian mission trip team!!!! WOO HOO!!! I am so excited to be going back!!! It was great to meet with everyone and to get to meet some new people.  What is interesting is I already knew about 1/2 the team.  I look forward to the team coming together and then going back!!!

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