Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Odessa & Eric's Wedding Pictures!!

I have uploaded the pictures I took from Odessa & Eric's wedding. You can see them by clicking here or under pictures in the side bar.  It was an amazingly beautiful weekend and I had a blast.  I feel so privileged to be a part of their special day.  Teesha & I had so much fun being bridesmaids and roommates for the weekend.  The flights were uneventful (which is more than I could say for any trip last year), her Mom is an amazing Jamaican cook (yummo!), the drive was pretty easy, our suitemates were super fun, Odessa was an amazing bride, and everything was super relaxed. 

Thursday was the rehearsal and dinner at their wedding rental house... on the ocean!!  Then Friday we had breakfast at the Stuffed Pig (which I couldn't seem to get the name right all weekend, wanting to call it the Piggly Wiggly), enjoyed watching Odessa get her hair done, and then hung out together pre-wedding. 

The wedding was beautiful!! God can sure create an amazing backdrop!! I was so excited to be with my friends during their ceremony.  I was so happy for them.  And then the pictures during the sunset...

I can't wait to see the final results. Once I have them I'll also add them to the picture link.  Afterwards we had a great time eating, dancing and having dessert!  Then we waved good-bye to the happily married couple as their limo whisked them off to an undisclosed location and we headed back to our townhouse and hung out with some of the rest of the guests at the pool until about 3am. 

Saturday was another amazing day, which started out with a thunderstorm.  I watched it from the porch as I drank tea and ate some fruit.  After the weather cleared up we headed back to the Stuffed Pig for brunch before going snorkeling.  Teesha has some great pictures of us girls in our outfits as soon as she puts them online I'll add them here as well.  The fish and the coral were so beautifully amazing... and we got to swim with barracudas.  Can you believe it?? 

After snorkeling we headed back to the pool to sunbath before going to dinner at the resorts restaurant.  Seriously some of the most amazing food I have ever ate.  Sangria, mango/avocado salad with the best dressing ever, panko crusted grouper with this mango/starfish puree that was to die for, and 3 different desserts that we ladies shared (and I finished off)... key lime pie, chocolate lava cake, and date cake with toffee.  The management of the restaurant loved us so much that they even gave us some port to finish of the experience.  We loved them so much that we had our pictures taken with the chef and our waitress. 

They had to roll me out of there.  Not wanting the night to end we headed back to the pool to watch the stars.  As we were all falling asleep on our chairs we decided to crawl into bed.

I woke up Sunday to sunshine streaming into the window so I headed down to the beach for one final hour of ocean-side sunbathing.  Then packed up, ate brunch with Teesha at LeeAnn's More Than A Coffeeshop... which had phenomenal food... before heading back to Ft. Lauderdale to see T's Mom, sister and cousin.  At the airport we watched Spain win the World Cup and then jumped on the plane back to reality. 

It was a beautiful vacation and wonderful wedding!!

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