Monday, August 24, 2009

Tailgate Tuesday

Last week Tuesday the I.T. team for all of North Point put on a grill out lunch in preparation for the upcoming football season. Well, it wasn't the only reason... we also wanted to get together with staff so we could get to know them better and they could get to know us better. And, this was such a great idea! Thanks to everyone in the I.T. team I had a blast and I had a ton of fun setting up the event! Big props to Elizabeth for coordinating everything, to Rachael for being the person I got to spend the day with setting up, and to the guys for all the grilling!! Here are a few pictures from the event...

Do you see Ellen and me in the background?!?!?

If you could say a quick prayer for me today... I have been managing a project at work and today is the first day of implementation. I have never managed a work project before (I have always been the one who works tickets out of a queue) so I have been blessed to learn a lot but I am nervous as all get out! I know God is leading and directing me in everything and I am not to worry but I still do. I have said a few prayers myself but I figure the more the merrier!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl with the work project!! You are going to do a GREAT job. It's such a blessing to work with you - thanks for all you do!! Oh, and bummer that we couldn't make it to the IT tailgate. You know that is right up my alley! =)