Saturday, August 22, 2009

Restaurant Review: Cru

So, apparently cru means raw or uncooked in French. However this restaurant wasn't a sushi restaurant (as I thought it should be) but a tapas restaurant. Britt, Andrea and I (Andrea is who Britt and I stayed with in Italy a little over a year ago) went there with a group of their friends. Andrea had stopped in Atlanta for a week before heading to graduate school in NYC. Can you believe it... I am so jealous that he is able to live there!!

We started with a glass of Sangria. Their house Sangria was only $5 a glass, which tasted pretty good! Then I got Lamb sliders for dinner which was also very yummy, in fact, everyone seemed to really enjoy what they got. The only complaint was that the food was a little pricey for a tapas restaurant. I generally like to try 2 items at a tapas restaurant but at $12 for my plate that was out of the question. But, if it tastes good that's what counts right!

Either way, I had a great night with my friends... And that truly is what counts!!

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