Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I now have some pictures that my brother and Mom took. We are just having way too much fun in the sun!! I am getting the best tan that I possibly can!! So far the weather has been exceptionally beautiful... sunny and in the 80's!! We can not ask for better weather than this.
Or typical vacation day consists of...

... waking at 7:00am for a 2 mile walk on the beach. We walk from the parking lot along the beach, the girls power walk while the guys shark tooth hunt. After the first mile we stop at the Jetty for coffee and conversation. Then we walk the mile back on the road past all the beautiful beach homes!!

... followed by a HUGE breakfast. If nothing else I will have gotten a good 10 pounds back from this trip. LOL!! Can't beat family cooking!!

... then miscellanous house hold chores for about an hour

... back to the beach for more fun in the sun!! And a fight between Mom and the rest of us over the strenght of the suntan lotion needed. We all say 4, she says we need 30. We think she just wants to come back the tannest!

... after the beach we have a HUGE dinner. I think Grandma has a personal goal to make sure no one leaves her house lighter than when they came in. She is completing her goal and then some. But with Grandma's cooking, its not hard at all to get me to eat!! As my Dad would say, I can't put her food on top of my head!!

... finally we follow up the evening with cards!!! Love Eucher & Schafkopf!!

Sometimes there are deviations for naps!! Tomorrow is scheduled to be chilly so we will be replacing beach time with shopping time (always have to hit the outlets)!

I am going to enjoy every last minute of this...

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