Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's almost here... even though right now its only 35 degrees!!! SPRING!!! I can't wait!! I love warm weather. I came to work at Buckhead Church this morning to find daffodils at my desk. It was my friend Erinleigh's way of saying thank you for watching her dog Darcy and I have to say I like the way she says thank you!! And the best part... they were from her yard!! When I was there last week they had not bloomed yet. This makes me so excited for spring! Break out the kleenex... time for allergy season!! (Thank the Lord for allergy shots)

Also for Spring, I spent the last 2 days cleaning out and re-arranging my apartment. It's looks so good!! There were only 3 bags that I threw out and 3 bags going to Good Will. It feels so nice to have such a clean place right now!! (Once again, thank the Lord for allergy shots)

Kendol and I went out for Valentines last night and had a blast!! He has school until 10pm on Thursday so we made our own day, which I think was even better... not crowded at all! We went to One Midtown Kitchen and had a fabulous dinner. We split everything which is my favorite way to go. Then we went to see Fools Gold, which was a cute movie. It was a wonderful Valentines date!!

Tonight is SATC (Sex & The City) night and then on Thursday Lynn and I are celebrating Valentines at her beaux's restaurant, Oceanaire. I am excited!!


Jason Poll said...

Enjoy...we'll be right there with you in another couple months. Heh. We're *so* at the wrong end of country for an early spring.

Anonymous said...

Daffodils sound wonderful right now. All we're seeing is white stuff!!!

Here's a link to how awful it looks around here:

There are web cams for Harbor Beach, Caseville, Port Austin & Sebewaing.

We have so much snow our mailbox is almost buried and they’re predicting another 2 – 4 inches tonight. I AM SO READY FOR FL – ONLY 1 MORE WEEK!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Love, D & M