Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nike Run

Apparently Nike incourages people to run. They just don't do it very loudly. Well, maybe a little loudly. I was walking thru the mall the other day ~ as I very often do ~ and found a sign outside the Nike store announcing that they have what they call 'Nike Run' every Tuesday night at 6:30pm. You can go either 3, 5, or 7 miles.

I convinced Kendol this would be a fun way to spend an evening and off we went. Afther getting signed in they were letting us borrow a pair of Nike+ shoes and an iPod Nano with the sport kit. I loved it. I am now trying to come up with the money to buy it all (since I don't have the shoes, the iPod, or the sport kit... and the 3 together is not cheap). The shoes were light and perfect for running and I loved having all my stats at the click of a button. I 'drank the juice.'

At the end of the run the provide Vitamin Water, granola bars, and fruit!! Yum. And, they also gave everyone a free pair of socks! They look pretty nice too. I will have to test them out next Tuesday when I go running again.

Anyone in the Buckhead area come join me!!

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Anonymous said...

The Braves game looked like fun!! Wish we were in the area to run too!! We need it!!!! Congrats on winning an ipod - hope it will will work with the nike+!!! The weather was nice enough for a bike ride here today!! The weekend is supposed to be just as nice. Dan, Dad, Uncle Rogor & Adam will be sitting in a tree.... Have a GREAT day!! Love, Dad & Mom