Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, this week is making me very tired!!! But, a good tired! Friday was a really big day for me. Kendrick and I were the hosts for Victor's birthday party! We had decided to make it a little bit more low key affair by having the party at Victor's place and for Kendrick, Mike (Kendrick's friend) and I making the food. We did everything as tapas and did it all in complete VJ style... alcohol in everything! It was wonderful and everyone loved the food... which made me happy since I started preparing the food at 10am that day! Hehe. Since I love to cook, here is a listing of what we made:

1. Mixed fresh fruit (pineapple, mango, apples, oranges, grapes, muskmelon, and cantaloupe) with a few different types of wine.

2. BBQ ribs with red wine

3. Kendrick made BBQ meatballs with Budweiser sauce

4. Mike made fried tilapia with Bourbon

5. chicken apple salad in tomatoes (the chicken had been soaked in sherry)

6. Margarita chicken and shrimp skewers

7. bruschetta (sadly no alcohol in this dish)

And, we had all the guests bring the drinks. All leftover drinks went to Victor for a birthday gift. Kendrick and I wanted Victor to have something to open as well so we got him a laptop bag from Kenneth Cole (VJ's favorite designer). It was a blast and a ton of pictures were taken... now I just have to get them and upload them. When I do I will let you know.

I, of course worked on Saturday and Sunday. So, after being up all night a VJ's party I had a difficult time with work but I managed to get everything done that needed to be. I went home Saturday night to take a nap but just couldn't seem to fall asleep. So, no nap occurred before going out to neighbor Raleigh's birthday party at Twains, which is a pool hall bar in Decatur. We had a blast with Raleigh, his colleagues in the master's program for philosophy at Georgia State, and the rest of us non-philosophy majors.

Needless to say I was out late again Saturday night and had to be to work on Sunday, bright and early! I managed to work fairly well most of the day and got a slight nap in before going to church at night. I am so glad that I did go to church though. We had our first session of a series in judgement. It brought in a lot of new perspectives focusing around Matthew 7:1-5. Basically, the concept boils down to looking at the mirror and at yourself and the issues in your life before you judge someone else. It was really good to hear!

I did get a full night sleep last night, which was fabulous but I am still exhausted! Tonight I am heading to Dolce in Atlantic Station with my small group girls. I am very excited to see everyone and to eat at Dolce since I haven't been there yet. Then on Tuesday night is the first 7|22 at Buckhead Church! I am excited for the next few days!!

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