Sunday, February 27, 2011

I heart these kids!

Alex in Cambodia sent me a few pictures that he thought I would love to see.  I wanted to share them here!!

The email's subject was: Someone asked me to send these to you

Followed by this:
Care to guess who???? 
FYI...he's offering you a cucumber in the last pic!
FYI FYI...orphanage cucumbers rock the house. So you're getting a pretty dang tasty gift.

It's Rothanak!!!!

And a second email:
Before you look at this pic, I wanted to tell you that there has been some major rearranging done with sleeping arrangements lately. The girls are now in the new building and the boys are split in the "old" building (younger boys below, older upstairs) - and they have dismantled/reassembled most bunks in the process. So I can't say for certain who might have written what you are about to see, but it is on Hieng's bed. Love it!
Heing sleeping

Just to let you know, Heing is the boy that I sponsor at the orphanage.  No matter who wrote it, I felt loved all day long!!!

And one more picture that Alex sent. First he sent:

And asked me if I recognized it.  OF COURSE I DID!!!  DO you see the necklace in the pic??? Well, I had made it in high school (see the #11 -- my basketball jersey number) and wore it all the time.  After high school it was one thing I just couldn't seem to get rid of, that was until I brought it to Cambodia.  I just though Pichhing had to have it!!! And I love that he's still wearing it!! Yay!!

Then Alex sent me this picture:

Now you can see Pichhing's face.  And the yellow bracelet he is holding... yep, its his present to me!  I'll get it in April... I can't wait!!

And, since the picture above of Heing is him sleeping, I thought you may want to see him awake...

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