Friday, June 04, 2010

Lynn's WEDDING!!!

Oh how much fun did I have Memorial weekend!!  My BFF Lynn got married to her amazing man Rob.  And, I got to wear fun, fancy dresses and party down at the Four Seasons.  She started our weekend with a spa/nail day.  All the ladies in the wedding got together and got our nails done.

Then Lynn gave us beautiful gifts of beach bags and fabulous earrings that we wore during the wedding. 

After spa day we had the rehearsal and then headed to Pricci for a mouth watering dinner at Pricci!!  I had a blast hanging out with everyone and eating amazing food.  Following Pricci a group of us headed to the Four Seasons bar.  I should have brought my camera and taken pictures in the bar... it was beautiful.  And I found my favorite new drink... Tarragon infused lemonade.  It was amazing!! Then I did something I haven't done in FOREVER... had a night out!! Maybe it was the Cinderella setting however I wasn't sleepy so we walked to Crescent and had some more fun.

Then the BIG DAY!!  Shannon and I hung out all morning and then met up with Lynnette in her amazing bridal suite.  After making sure she was doing well Shannon and I met up with Brandon and Dean for some brunch.  Then the mad dash to get ready for the big event.  Which was BEAUTIFUL!! We walked down the isle to amazing opera singers and a string quartet. I was so excited and happy for my BFF!! She was absolutely glowing.  After the ceremony us in the wedding got pictures taken before the cocktail hour, dinner and dancing.  It was all amazing.  We danced to a 10 piece band all night long!!

Sunday A.M. we even got to have brunch with everyone!! It was so much fun to be surrounded by so many amazing people.  Coming back to my home where I live alone feels so anti-climatic!! I got to stay to wish the happy couple good-bye.  Then Erinleigh came to the Four Seasons and we spent time at the amazing pool and sun bathing.

As of now, Lynn and Rob are Honeymoon-ing it up.  However when they get back I'm sure I'll have a ton more pictures to add to the blog.  For now, check out what I have in the picture section...

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