Monday, June 07, 2010

In other news...

What else has been going on... well, better late than never...

Memorial Day - I spent the A.M. hanging out with Preston.  We went for a walk and did some grocery shopping.  Then I headed to Jeff's house to hang out at the pool with him, Jennie and Bennett.  It was so much fun to be out in the sun for a second day in a row!! (the day before was with Erinleigh at the Four Seasons)

Tuesday - Erinleigh gave me flowers!!! They are so beautiful and they came from a bush in the front of her house.  I love looking at fresh flowers inside.

Wednesday - I wanted to work on the cushions for the chair in my living room however I broke the only 2 needles that I had!!  Uggh!  So, now I need to get some new ones so I can try sewing again... wish me luck.

Thursday - Teesha, Joel and I headed up Buford Highway for Peruvian food and Tacos (it just doesn't sound the same without Joel saying it)!  Ha!! We had a blast eating way too much amazing food, chatting, solving the world's problems, and laughing!!  LOL!!!  I'm so glad to have friends who love food as much as I do!!

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