Friday, May 21, 2010

Food, food, food!!!!

I have had such a great food weekend!! No good pictures but I thought you may want to hear about the restaurants that I went to.  I already talked about Desta (that Teesha, Joel and I went to on Thursday).

On Friday after I left the doctor office... I had to get my monthly allergy shots... I was hungry for falafel. I heard that Pita Palace on LaVista was really good.  I even tried to take my mom there when she was in town in October however it was closed when we stopped by.  So I stopped in.  The guys there were amazing and they made the most spectacular traditional pita falafel for me!! I loved it. It was HUGE so I split it with Kasii.  You need to try it out!!

Saturday after dress shopping for Odessa's wedding (yippee!) Odessa, Teesha, and I stopped at Panahar for some Bangladeshi cuisine.  We didn't realize that we would need a reservation however they still managed to find us a seat.  And they hooked us up!!  Not sure what all they brought out but the appetizer was Poori Shrimp.  You MUST try this if you go.  And then try anything they recommend with lamb or goat!! It is AMAZING!!

Monday lunch I went with Elizabeth to California Pizza Kitchen.  One could ask why would a girl who loves to try unique restaurants actually like CPK... one reason... Moroccan Chicken Salad.  I have gotten it the last like four times I have been there and am in love with it.  No cheese is even on it.  I always get the dressing on the side.  And it is full of yumminess!!

On Tuesday Brant was in Buckhead and we headed out for some sushi at Yu-Ka.  To die for good!! Seriously on par with M F Sushi.  I was in sushi heaven!!  And, we got a few rolls and split them... which rocks... I heart sharing food!!

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